Cakes, crutches & collywobbles

My mum had her knee replacement operation in early June and the last 6 weeks have been filled with trying to support her, my dad and my children with their last few hectic weeks of term. Sympathy not requested just reality and proof that stuff happens in my life like anyones.

Mums crutches phase passed quickly then 2 sticks, 1 stick and now no sticks. As ever i am amazed at how my dear mum gets on with things. Today she got the thumbs up from her consultant and is getting back behind the wheel of her car under my supervision! This whole role reversal between child and parent is very strange for both parties but it’s nice to repay some of the support she has given me over the years.

I have just completed 10 weeks of amazing life coaching too so between mum and me we are literally putting the physical and mental collywobbles behind us.

Not once in the last 2 months have i baked with the radio on, preferring the peace and enjoying the smells only cakes can conjure. Whenever there is an occasion happy or sad cake usually is around and i like knowing they are my creations sharing in those moments. Since my last blog my cakes have been in the background at funerals, birthdays and tempting customers in tea rooms. I have done a cooking demonstration in the open air and met some amazing people along the way.

I now regularly supply a local tea room with gluten & dairy free chocolate fudge cake  they alternate between my vegan apple & raisin cake and my gluten & dairy free orange & almond cake too.

This year I have met some fantastic solopreneurs and business owners, i sat next to a lady only this week who has passed me details of another lady cake maker who i reminded her of so we can swap notes.

Some folk in the traditional business world may think i have taken my foot off the gas, but this solopreneur has taken time out to put fuel in the tank and had a M.O.T. I’m not a gas guzzler anymore running around trying to be super woman, more like a hybrid, more fuel efficient with the feel-good factor we all need to thrive.

Husband as ever continues to put up with my rollercoaster weeks. No orders one week to tackling a pile of washing up and a fish finger sandwich for tea during a busy week.

So the kitchen doesn’t feel neglected it too is getting the make-over treatment to allow me the space to grow and develop. I have tootled along the B roads for a while and so what if i may have to pull over in to the motorway services on the next stage of my journey at least I’m on the motorway.

Whats the saying its all about the journey not the destination? Good job as i don’t have a map! Until next time.

Victoria X


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