Resilient snowflakes

Hello for those of you who may have thought I had fallen off planet earth, fear not I’m back! I have had a busy few months baking and working on the nuts and bolts of running a small business.

Twenty one years ago I left university having studied English and Geography one of my favourite authors was Maya Angelou.

“Do the best you can until you know better then when you know better do better” is one of her famous quotes and one I seem to come back to. I approach life now with the maturity of those 21 years, marriage, three children and too many part-time jobs to mention. If I could speak to my 21yr old self now she would be amazed that I was networking with amazing small business owners, attending trade shows and collaborating with other businesses to showcase her talents! 

My children are now 10, 13 and 16 so going to see the new Peter Rabbit film was not on our to do list. I suspect many will not be going due to its portrayal of deliberately causing Mr McGregor to have an anaphylactic shock and use an Epi-Pen. Firstly I can’t imagine how that even would be classed as suitable for children and classed as entertainment, secondly the media coverage has highlighted just how mis-educated folk are about allergies and Epi-Pens.

If you are offended by the scene you are a “snowflake” which recently has come to be a derogatory term referring to the generation of people who became adults in the 2010’s viewed as being less resilient and more prone to taking offence than previous generations. I’m too old to be deemed a snowflake but I can empathise with real parents  who deal with allergies and intolerance on a daily basis. Since when can uneducated social commentators decide who is upset at scenes in a movie? My geography degree allowed me to understand the complexities of snow and weather amongst other things so i was pleased to see snowflakes and sensitive types taking a stand pointing out how severe reactions can be for the individual and those around them.

We all know the NHS is under-funded and struggling to cope so why would film makers sow the seeds in young children that making someone ill is fun is beyond me. If an Epi-Pen is administered you still have to be checked over and can feel the effects of it and the allergen for days. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

I arrived on planet earth in 1976 in special care as a recess negative baby, I had blood transfusions and was christened in hospital in case I didn’t survive. Since then I have visited most departments in the fabulous NHS either myself or for my family. I have ridden in an ambulance threatening to deliver my baby at 29 weeks, then with my eldest boy age 3 blue & unconscious, with my youngest age 3 hyperventilating in pain when he broke his arm. I have held my youngest age 2 struggling to breathe because of something he ate, feeling helpless and it was the longest night of my life. No Epi-Pen we only had anti-histamine and a helpful lady on the phone. We have all been very ill but we got better. I tell you this not for sympathy but to say to all those coping with being dairy, gluten, egg or nut free  24 hrs a day who get no time off I am on your side of the fence. 

Social media has great value and unfortunately there will always be those that court controversy on it. Not me. Education and research is the only way to make a difference to those who matter. Teach those around you about your health or your children’s needs. Myths and mis-information cost lives, be truthful and honest people respect that.

My customers give me lovely comments and I savour every one. Recently I made a vegan fruit cake, we had discussed the perils of hidden animal products and I had double checked all the ingredients. Discussions on the phone and emails had been exchanged to ensure it was perfect and the best I could make. As I waved it on its journey to the party my customer said “As we cut in to it we will see all the love and care you put into your cakes” I shut the door and nearly cried happy tears but I didn’t because I’m not a snowflake I’m an avalanche!

Until next time 

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