Resilient snowflakes

Hello for those of you who may have thought I had fallen off planet earth, fear not I’m back! I have had a busy few months baking and working on the nuts and bolts of running a small business. Twenty one years ago I left university having studied English and Geography one of my favourite authors … More Resilient snowflakes

Blank canvas

  After the kitchen was completed I entered what I shall call my blue phase. For a few months it would seem the customers I know exist proved elusive. That was until I revealed a local shop was stocking my gluten, dairy and egg free mince pies. I had to keep pinching myself watching the post views … More Blank canvas

Apple sir?

As a mum of three I knew something was different  when Nicholas was born in 2007, his tummy was a funny shape and boy his nappies were weird!  At 2 months old he was admitted to Leeds hospital for a rectal biopsy  to test if he had a condition called Hirschsprung’s disease, he didn’t and we … More Apple sir?